Rolette County Commissioners approve Sheriff’s Department additions

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 7:13 PM CDT
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ROLLA, N.D. – Leadership in Rolette County is working with local law enforcement to improve coverage of their service area and help current officers avoid burnout.

Last week Rolette County Sheriff Nathan Gustafson approached the county commissioners with a proposal to increase staff for his department.

Gustafson proposed adding five new officers and patrol units to the current five-man team, and the commissioners were able to approve three of each.

According to County Auditor Valerie McCloud funds for the additions will be coming from a portion of $1.3 million allocated to the county in American Rescue Funds.

County Commissioner Craig Poitra said this is a proactive way to begin addressing issues in the community.

“Those discussions I believe happen at every level whether it’s in meetings or one on one with individuals like our sheriff our deputies or the public. I think it’s just the idea that that’s the decisions we have to make to address those issues,” said Poitra.

Gustafson said the county is accepting applications and it will take a few months to fill the positions and get the required equipment.

McCloud said her office is double-checking qualifications for the department’s plan with the Department of Treasury guidelines before funds are allocated.

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