New Addiction Recovery Center in McKenzie County Brings Much Needed Service to Northwestern North Dakota

Summit Silver Creek Center
Summit Silver Creek Center(KFYR)
Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 9:01 PM CDT
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MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. - The Summit Silver Creek Center is a former man camp that has been transformed into a place where those struggling with addiction can find help.

“It feels really good (to be open). We’re getting really good feedback and I think the residents are very comfortable, very happy, and glad to be here,” said Executive Director Brenda Owen.

The staff keeps residents here busy with plenty of activities including hiking and attending church services. The goal is not only to help residents beat addiction but to stay off it when going out into the world again.

“It takes not just the physical portion of it, but it takes the mental portion, and that’s a big process that we do here. It’s a really big mental healing that they need to go through,” said Rose Buford, Silver Creek’s Administrative Specialist.

The center can only take in 16 people at a time. Executive Director Brenda Owen says that number allows them to take Medicaid, which is very rare in the state. Because of that, people from all across North Dakota have come here to seek help.

“We’ve got some from Bismarck, from Mandan, and Devils Lake,” said Owen.

Silver Creek has already begun to partner with various organizations to help give residents the help they need.

They have only been open for three weeks, but have seen the process produce positive results in residents.

“Some take pretty quickly, some are almost immediate that they feel like they’ve made it through the first six steps in the first couple of days,” said Buford.

Owen said residents stay around three to six weeks, or however long it takes for them to feel comfortable in the real world.

Owen added they hope to add more services in the future, such as occupational therapy and speech pathology.

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