Local fireworks stores ready to sell despite nationwide shortage

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Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 5:32 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – After seeing good numbers last year, local fireworks shops said supplies may be limited this year.

Due to supply chain issues, local stores are having to take more time to plan for this year’s season.

It also comes amid the state’s historic drought, which is prompting some areas to ban the use of fireworks altogether.

Import delays, increased shipping costs and last-minute deliveries are some of the issues store owners said are standing between stock and the shelves.

Rick Vondal, Owner of N83 Fireworks, said fireworks shops have limited times during the year to sell their stock.

“In the state of North Dakota, we’re only allowed to sell fireworks two different times out of the year, so our main one is the Fourth of July season witch is June 27 through July 5, which is our main fireworks season,” said Vondal.

Local fire authorities said severe drought conditions causing full or conditional firework bans in at least six counties and four cities across the state may also be deterring outside sellers and further limiting supplies.

“The fireworks stands or buildings that usually sell fireworks, our inspections are down this year because some of them elected not to sell fireworks this year for various reasons, whether it be supply or being extremely dry,” said Kevin Weber, Minot Rural Fire volunteer firefighter.

Vondal said he and his family were able to order enough fireworks for the Fourth of July, but due to complications, they might not be able to restock some items.

“We probably got about 60% of what we were going to order. Waiting on stuff now, once the season’s over and we lock the doors then we’ll be going back and regrouping and reordering for next year just to make sure we have more product than what we need to sell,” said Vondal.

Vondal said whatever isn’t sold by July 5 will be held in stock.

The second opportunity to legally buy fireworks won’t come until December when the second fireworks season starts from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1.

You can connect with N83 online on their Facebook page here to keep up with your Fourth of July favorites.

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