Precipitation in Williams County welcomed, but amount not ideal

Flooded canola field
Flooded canola field(KFYR)
Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 8:15 PM CDT
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RAY, N.D. - While any rain is obviously welcomed in dry Williams County, the consensus is that there was too much precipitation in a small period of time last Thursday.

Crops were unable to soak in much of the rain due to runoff. Canola, which is highly susceptible to hail damage, was the biggest loser.

“Some crops like wheat, durum, and barley can come back; but from what I’ve heard, once canola is wiped out it doesn’t come back,” said farmer and rancher Thomas Wheeler

Ranchers fared much better, as pastures turned green and water sources filled up. Unfortunately, it may have come late, as many ranchers have already taken some cattle to market.

“I know that sale barns have been very full with cow-calf pairs. Those sales are in excess of 1,000 head in the last few weeks, so that’s disappointing,” said Williams County Extension Agent Kelly Leo.

Farmer and rancher Thomas Wheeler says even though the result wasn’t ideal, he will take any rain at this point over the dry conditions.

“I’m glad to get the moisture. There are some problems to go with it, but some moisture is always better than drought,” said Wheeler.

Since most crops were short in stature, Leo says the county may have lucked out from extensive damage.

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