City of Minot sees increase in crimes against property in 2020

Rise in Crimes Against Property
Rise in Crimes Against Property(none)
Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 8:06 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – The annual state crime report showed that crimes against property such as identity and motor vehicle theft went up nearly 8% statewide.

Minot Police said numbers in the Magic City also went up.

The department noticed that motor vehicle theft increased exceedingly in 2020 with 181 motor vehicles reported stolen.

Police said 147 of those were cars and trucks, and 12 were motorcycles. The remaining reported vehicle thefts included ATVs, trailers, bicycles and others.

It’s something police said was a bit higher than what they are used to, and with more people riding during the summer months, numbers for 2021 could go up as well.

Officials with the Minot Police said they do not know if the increase is correlated with the pandemic.

Unlike other types of crimes, motor vehicle theft can usually be prevented.

“The raw number of reports for motor vehicle theft seem much higher than usual, but again it’s a rather easily correctable phenomenon. Keep track of your keys and keep your vehicles locked,” said Officer Aaron Moss Community Outreach Officer with Minot Police Department.

Another type of crime that has increased largely in Minot is scams and identify theft, something that often is underreported.

Minot had 36 reports of scams and crimes under false pretenses, and more than 13 were reports of scams and deception.

The three biggest red flags police said when possibly dealing with a scammer are asking for gift cards, rushing the victim to send over money immediately, or threatening some type of harm to the victim.

A possible reason for the spike in scams is that scammers know they work more often than not.

“If scammers get a 1% to 2% success rate, so to speak, meaning only one or two out of 100 people respond to and provide the money, they made quite a bit of money, so it can be perceived as high reward low risk even though it is very illegal,” said Moss.

Minot led cities across the state in 2020 with the highest number of homicides with seven.

In 2019, the City of Minot saw one homicide.

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