N.D. Cattle Women celebrate 70 years of promoting beef industry

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 5:18 PM CDT
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MANDAN, N.D. - They say behind every good man is an even better woman.

In the cattle industry, those women are members of the Cattle Women’s organization.

The North Dakota Cattle Women are celebrating their 70th anniversary this weekend at their annual state meeting in Mandan.

When these ladies get together, the conversation always turns to cattle.

“Cattle is completely our life,” said Gladys Woronieck of Hebron.

They are long-time members of the North Dakota Cattle Women.

“Cattle women are very important to me,” said Darlene Pelton who now lives in Dickinson.

Pelton is a past chairwoman of what used to be called the Cow Belles. In 1986, the Cow Belles changed their name to the North Dakota Cattle Women.

“It sounded more professional,” explained Pelton. “We didn’t have to explain to people what we were about when we said we were Cattle Women.”

The name change didn’t change the group’s mission. That’s remained the same since its formation in 1951: to support North Dakota’s beef industry.

“It has helped us to promote our product,” said Kaye Nelson of Grassy Butte.

It is a mission Nelson is passionate about. She’s been a member since 1958.

“It’s kind of a ritual in our family,” she said.

Her grandmother was a charter member, and her mother was an active member too.

“It’s a mouthpiece for our business and helps with marketing and enjoying our life,” said Nelson.

Seventy years in, the Cattle Women are still going strong and these long-time members are happy to see more young people getting involved.

“The organization is strong and there are lots of young gals. We need young people to carry on,” said Sandy Short, former chairwoman.

Because they say the Cattle Women’s work is never done.

You can learn more about the North Dakota Cattle Women on their website,

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