Human Rights Arts Festival arrives in Minot

Telling the story of the human experience through art.
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Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 4:06 AM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – The fight for civil rights and social justice, both past and present, often inspires artistic expression.

Some of this art is on display in Minot at the Taube Museum of Art as part of the second annual North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival.

Artists like Lisa Arnold are using their lived experiences to represent human rights issues in their own way.

“For 20 years I lived in the neighborhood where George Floyd was murdered,” said Arnold.

Arnold attended protests for Floyd wearing her art to support the cause.

She said she wants to use those experiences to educate others.

“I feel like I have maybe a perspective that other people might not that I could lend. I don’t know if that comes through in the art or not, but you can be the judge of that, but I hope so. I hope there’s a very personal connection to it, " said Arnold.

Meanwhile, Shane Balkowitsch took his art straight from the capitol.

“I could see the anguish and him and the hurt in him and what he was trying to do and at that point there was no way I was not going to attempt to make a piece of art based off his North Dakota COVID Memorial project,” said Balkowitsch.

Balkowitsch partnered with Carl Young to make art documenting Young’s mother and all those who were lost to COVID-19.

“We all know that symbolism as well. As someone who is very patriotic and loves my country we should not put flags on the ground but we made an exception in this situation,” said Balkowitsch

Executive Director of the Human Family and Organizer Sean Coffman said it’s important to bring these topics to the public’s attention.

“We live in a place where there isn’t much diversity and when we have the opportunity to hear from diverse voices or to hear about an issue form a different perspective, especially a lived perspective, I think it makes an impact,” said Coffman.

Telling the story of the human experience through art.

The Taube will be home to the displays through July 15.

The Festival also includes experimental and animated films which will be screened for one night at the Oak Park theatre on June 24.

A reception for the opening night of the exhibit will also be held at the Taube from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

You can learn more about the festival and the artists online here.

You can find more on Lisa Arnold On Facebook here and Instagram here.

You can find more on Shane Balkowitsch on his website here and on twitter here.

Find out more about events at the Taube Museum of Art here.

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