‘Cheer Like Gigi:’ Williston dance studio allows girl with Down syndrome to shine

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 9:13 PM CDT
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WILLISTON, N.D. - Thirteen-year-old Gigi Goulet was born with Down Syndrome creating challenges for her and her family, but it hasn’t stopped her love of dancing and cheer. She loves being in front of the crowd.

“So what I enjoy a lot is the audience,” said Gigi.

Her passion for dance and cheer started when she was just four years old.

Finding a place to help her perform was difficult, but after being scouted by the Prizm company two years ago, she was able to find a place on stage.

“With them reaching out to us, I don’t know if Gi would have been in cheer this last couple of years,” said Gigi’s stepmother Jen Goulet

Through her time at Prizm, Gigi has been in a number of competitions and recitals and her limitations have not stopped her from shining.

“She loves it, and anything that she wants to do I will let her do,” said Gigi’s dad, Kevin Goulet.

Gigi and her family are moving to South Carolina this week. In honor of what Gigi means to Prizm, the owners will be providing a cheer scholarship in Gigi’s name for one girl every year who embodies what Gigi meant to the company.

“We decided to call it the ‘cheer like Gigi’ scholarship, and every year we will sponsor someone. We want that person to embody what Gigi is and that is full of joy. She works hard; she works harder than anybody out there,” said co-owner Keisha Nelson.

The Cheer Like Gigi Scholarship will cover a student’s competition costs and uniform for a year. What was supposed to be a small gesture has exploded and Nelson says people have called asking how to donate to the cause.

“It was amazing. They announced it at the recital, and I think everybody stopped and was like, ‘wow, that’s truly amazing what these ladies have done,’” said Kevin Goulet

Gigi and her family are looking for another company in South Carolina that will help her continue to shine. Meanwhile, the Prizm Company and Gigi’s peers will never forget what it means to “cheer like Gigi.”

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