Seven year old returns class ring missing for 39 years

Updated: May. 30, 2021 at 8:31 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - A Bismarck family went camping near New Johns Lake for the Memorial Day weekend. Imagine their surprise when they found a class ring from 1982!

“[Hi] Isadora, I’m Cheryl,” said Cheryl Helm.

This is the moment Cheryl Helm and Isadora Rose met for the first time and the first time Cheryl’s seen her husband’s class ring.

“Oh my goodness,” said Helm as she held her husband’s class ring.

Seven year old Isadora was playing along the lake and made the discovery.

“I saw something shiny in the water so I reached down to pick it up and I saw a ring,” said Isadora Rose.

Isadora and her mom Robin posted a picture of the find to Facebook.

The ring engraved with McClusky High School Class of 1982, belonged to Kerry Helm, who passed away more than four years ago.

“I opened up my Facebook page and I saw all these messages from his buddies, his classmates. They kept telling me that’s his ring,” said Helm.

Cheryl was told the ring may have slipped off Kerry’s finger during a senior week celebration at the lake. She believes the meeting is his way of looking out for her.

“So it’s just like, he was with me, he’s with me,” said Helm.

Isadora loves going to the lake and knows this discovery will be a trip to remember.

“Thank you very much sweetheart. I know his parents will love it too,” said Helm to Rose.

Cheryl said she plans to show Kerry’s parents. She also will put it in a case with other memorabilia he enjoyed.

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