Throwback Shirt Guy gives back to alma mater

Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 3:38 PM CDT
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BELFIELD, N.D. - Friday is the last day of school for kids in Bismarck’s public schools and all week, students around the state have been finishing up classes.

Belfield High School dismissed for the summer Thursday, but not before holding their annual awards ceremony.

The highlight of that awards ceremony: a surprise speech by a 1988 Belfield alum.

We first met Scott Thompson last summer, when he was just starting his Throwback Shirt Guy business.

The good news is his business is booming. But it gets even better, because this Bantam is now giving back to the community that he still considers home.

This will always feel like home to Scott Thompson. He’s a 1988 graduate of Belfield High School and a proud Belfield Bantam.

The Bantams are now part of the Heart River Cougar co-op, but Thompson has worked to keep the memory of his beloved Bantams alive. In fact, the Belfield Bantams were the inspiration behind his Throwback Shirt Guy business.

“Belfield was the catalyst for this,” said Thompson.

Over the past year, he’s brought hundreds of retired school mascots back to life. Mascots like the Golva Tigers, the Starkweather Storm Kings, even Belfield’s rival, the South Heart Eagles.

“The stories behind these names are really special to North Dakota,” he said.

On this last day of school at his alma mater, he shared the story of his journey from Belfield High to UND and then to the Twin Cities and his continued sense of connection to this school, and this part of North Dakota.

“There’s something special about the southwestern corner of the state,” Thompson said.

He gave each graduating senior a Belfield Bantam shirt and asked them to never forget where they came from.

“You’re lucky to be born in this town and this community,” he said.

And now, thanks to the Throwback Shirt Guy these students can wear and share their Belfield Bantam school pride.

You can learn more about the Throwback Shirt Guy on his Facebook page with the same name.

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