Medora adding new experiences for upcoming summer

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Following a year of capacity restrictions, canceled activities, and mask requirements, the historic town of Medora is gearing up to welcome back tourists this season with a variety of new experiences.

Despite all the challenges the tourist town faced last summer with COVID-19, the Medora Foundation said visitor numbers surpassed what they had expected, and they’re gearing up for an even larger summer with new surprises for guests in 2021.

With less than two weeks from opening weekend, hundreds of volunteers are giving the town a make-over.

“This year for my bucket list, it was one of those things I wanted to accomplish, was to come out an volunteer,” said Sandy Schob, a volunteer.

This summer, outdoor concerts at Medora’s many stages will return.

“We’re doing right around 1,000 shows that we will have put on from June 1st up until that September 11th mark,” said Marketing Manager Kaelee Knoell.

Last year, the foundation saw an increased demand for camping.

“The campground booked out for 100 nights in a row,” said Knoell.

This year, the Medora campground is adding 50 more sites for those looking to experience the outdoors.

“Theodore Roosevelt was a big camper and loved the idea of living off the land, so it’s fun to be able to offer our guests a similar experience out in the badlands,” said Knoell.

Other sites like the Chaetae de Mores are bringing back wagon rides and more outdoor activities.

“We hope to see the visitation level stay the same in numbers, but increase what we can bring into the Chaetae,” said site manager Anna Killian.

Musical preparations are also underway, as the two show schedule will stay this summer and audience capacity will increase.

Opening weekend for the Medora musical is scheduled for June 9.

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