Security upgrades coming to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot

Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 5:28 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – New security upgrades are on the way for the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, and they’re being jump-started by support from the community.

Your News Leader headed to the ranch to learn more about how they plan to better protect staff and residents.

Sorting through dozens of keys at the door takes time, and if one gets lost or stolen it creates risks at a facility like the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. They hope to cut that down with some upgrades.

“Be able to allow the staff and the residents to be able to feel like they’re safe and secure, and this is a big step forward for the boys ranch to be able to complete the process even though we know it’ll be a multi-year process,” said Mike McCloud, facility director.

The first cabin to be upgraded to keyless is being paid for out of an $1,850 grant from Verendrye Electric Cooperative.

“The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is certainly part of the Minot community and that’s part of our mission. We need to help out the communities that we serve,” said Randy Hauck, Verendrye Electric general manager.

The key fob system, already in place for a few buildings, allows staff to access multiple areas with just a single fob and a swipe. Each one registered to a specific person.

“We’ll know who’s entering these buildings, and if there’s ever the chance that something might get lost we can deactivate it from a computer rather than rekeying a building, and contacting a locksmith,” said McCloud.

This is the start of a five-year plan to upgrade safety and security on the campus.

McCloud said they hope to make those upgrades to the whole campus and add a few outdoor cameras.

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