Dan’s Garden: Flowering crab trees in full bloom

Updated: May. 15, 2021 at 11:55 AM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Flowering crab trees are in full bloom. Dan Cashman takes us around town to show us some spring color.

“Well we’re into the good weather now. Temperatures are warming up.

We had some rain. Spring is here. Flowering crab trees are starting to bloom. They are just amazing.

This is spring snow flowering crab one of my favorites. It’s white, of course, and no fruit.

It’s a seedless flowering crab. There’s other ones, too, that will attract the birds and squirrels and other forms that are narrow or wide.

Now, I’m at the YMCA in Bismarck. This is a fairly new variety of a flowering crab pink spire, because they’re upright like a spire on a church.

They have red fruits that will attract the birds and the squirrels, and they don’t fall off all winter long. The birds will finally eat them in March or April, and they’re very hearty. And, it’s a special tree for a special need.

A small area where they won’t get very wide. They will get maybe 18 feet high, and maybe eight feet wide.

I still think my favorites are red flowering crab, like radiant crab and prairie fire crab that’s really dark red. They are so colorful, their fruits are red and shiny and they don’t fall off all winter long until the birds and the squirrels get them their very hearty pink red or white. They’re easy to grow. They will give you a life time of satisfaction for many many many years.

Until next week good gardening.” - Dan Cashman.

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