Burgum not ruling out 3rd term

Gov. Doug Burgum
Gov. Doug Burgum(kfyr)
Updated: May. 15, 2021 at 12:33 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - In November, Gov. Doug Burgum was re-elected to his second term in office.

But will it be his last?

In a one-on-one with Your News Leader, Burgum said he has no official plans for 2024, but said a third term is not out of the picture.

Burgum said after years of the state needing to be more reactive to current events, there might be items left on his agenda by the end of his eighth year. And, he might go after a third term if he thinks he can lead the state in the direction he wants.

One of the governor’s more notable platforms has been state investment, including infrastructure projects and managing state assets. But he said the governor’s office should have more influence over the state budget, which the legislature handles alone until it’s signed by the governor.

“If we’ve worked for a year as the Executive Branch and really understand and know the operations and where we can save money where we can cut FTE’s and where we can do that. To not have those recommendations inserted as a starting point makes, in any business in the world, makes no sense to me,” Burgum said

North Dakota has no term limits for the governor’s office.

Two people have served in that post for more than eight years: William Guy and John Hoeven.

Lawmakers introduced a bill to cap the governor to eight years during the recent session, but it failed overwhelmingly.

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