Senior tablet reconnects families amid pandemic

Published: Apr. 27, 2021 at 11:39 AM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Living in a tech-savvy world can be difficult when you didn’t grow up in the computer age.

But there’s a new device available to simplify the learning curve.

Bingo is one of Florence Meier’s favorite games to play on the GrandPad, a tablet for seniors, but that’s not all she likes.

“I can see the pictures and the videos. It’s fun,” said GrandPad user Florence Meier.

Daughter Donna Thronson bought her mom, Florence Meier, a GrandPad last fall because of the COVID restrictions that were in place, and she says GrandPad has made a world of a difference.

“It allows her to do video calls, which she does not have that option on her cell phone. So, the fact that it allows her to see the grandbabies grandchildren live, that makes a big difference. It’s almost like you in person,” said Thronson.

Thronson says the GrandPad is like her mom’s own little Facebook.

Families can share photos and videos with family and friends through the GrandPad’s companion app.

“Everybody can share together that way. Everybody comments on everybody’s pictures, and we love it when Florence does the live responses back on the comments. We can all hear her voice,” said Thronson.

CEO and Co-founder of GrandPad Scott Lien says they created GrandPad to reconnect those over the age of 75 with their family friends and caregivers and improve their lives.

“If I’m 80 and have eyesight issues and trimmers, and dexterity, and maybe some cognitive challenges, standard technology becomes a huge barrier. So now I cannot communicate with my family or my caregivers or my doctor, so that’s the problem we’re trying to solve,” said Lien.

Lien says they have connected more than 1.2 million seniors to their families across 120 countries.

Lien says sales of the GrandPad have more than doubled since the start of the pandemic.

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