Extra patrols during spring cleaning week

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 4:22 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - This week, thousands homeowners are tossing thousands of pounds of garbage to the curb as Bismarck and Mandan conduct spring cleaning week.

It’s a way for neighbors to get rid of their un-needed junk, and city employees say it keeps the streets cleaner.

However, not everyone follows the rules and trash ends up alongside of the road and in prohibited areas.

During spring clean-up week, the Mandan landfill will take in, on average, 100 tons of garbage a day.

In response, the Morton County Sheriff’s office is adding extra patrols to the area, watching for people who are illegally dumping or not securing their loads on the road.

“A lot of mattress and box springs this year,” said Mandan street and landfill superintendent, Brian Dirk.

Four Mandan crews have driven the streets, collecting others’ unwanted items.

“It gives residents the opportunity to throw stuff like bulkier items that they can’t either get out to the landfill themselves or don’t have the means to get it out to the landfill,” said Dirk.

Morton County Deputies have also been on patrol.

“Generally, what we typically see during the clean-up week is leaking or sifting loads. Unsecured loads as well,” said Deputy Zack Aguon.

They’re keeping an eye out near the landfill for illegal dumping, which is an infraction.

“Furniture, appliances, freezers, anything like that, anything large. The judge will make you pay whatever they want you to pay,” said Deputy Aguon. The landfill has also implemented fines for drivers who aren’t transporting loads safely.

“There is a $20 fee for any unsecured loads,” said Dirk If large items are found alongside roads, deputies will notify the Department Of Transportation or the County Highway Department for pick-up.

Friday will be the final day for spring cleaning garbage pick-up in Mandan, but you can still dump unwanted items for free through Saturday.

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