Sports Spotlight: Drew Boedecker

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 9:46 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - It’s hard to replace a player that breaks record after record for a successful program but that’s exactly what the Dickinson State football team did this past fall.

Drew Boedecker took over for Hayden Gibson as the Blue Hawks quarterback, nine wins and zero losses later, Boedecker has the Hawks ready for the NAIA Football playoffs.

The quarterback position is one of the most difficult positions to play in football.

But in his first full year under center, Drew Boedecker of Dickinson State has stepped up in perhaps the team’s most difficult season yet.

DSU Head Coach Pete Stanton said: “Drew had a great fall and part of it is he has great leadership. One of the things he did well was made a lot of plays with his feet. He threw the ball very well at a high level, his completion percentage was 65 percent and above and also he has that ability to keep the ball and run which gives us another dimension, so he was really good all fall long.”

Having success in the fall is great and all for Boedecker, but what he did in the off-season was more important to him.

“I think just being able to lead this offense. I think I won the leadership this winter, just proving with hard work. When we got to game time I just tried to show I was tough. I was their guy and they can lean on me and I can lean on them when I need to,” said Boedecker.

Boedecker’s top target, Tyger Frye, is one of those teammates that he leaned on all fall. He says early on he could tell that the Sheridan native was special.

“It definitely took a lot of reps to get on the same page but I think just like the rest of the team after a couple weeks of playing a few games we really started clicking and we’ve just been rolling since then so it’s been a pretty easy transition for me,” said Frye, DSU wide receiver.

Smooth transitions have not been the trend though for this Blue Hawk team because after a 5 month layoff, they are getting ready for a playoff game.

“Our guys did a really good job of weathering different things and getting through the season. Fortunately, we were able to get through at 9-0. It has been unusual to come back after the second semester. But one thing the timing of it is pretty good,” said Stanton. “This is generally when we do our spring ball. The difference now is we’re gearing up for the playoffs.”

Rolling with the punches has been the theme for Stanton’s squad, and that just very well might put them over the top.

Boedecker said: “I think we have a tough group this year, weather gets wild in North Dakota, we’ve had some rough weather games where we’ve had to grind them out. Valley City we’ve had 16 mph winds, Waldorf it was a blizzard, just being tough and being able to grind out wins. I think that’s huge in the postseason because everyone is going to be on the same level.”

Dickinson State will play at Northwestern of Iowa in the first round of the NAIA playoffs on Saturday.

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