Kenmare Fire accepts volunteer water supplies

Kenmare Rural Fire Department
Kenmare Rural Fire Department(KFYR-TV)
Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 6:54 PM CDT
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KENMARE, N.D. – The Kenmare Fire Department is looking to outsource some of their water supply to volunteers in the community.

As North Dakota continues to face drought conditions they said having water supplies throughout their service area will allow them to better fight fires.

Volunteers with Kenmare fire said they are ready to go after knowing any water needs will be met across their four county district.

“We actually have our whole district almost covered, guys in every corner in the middle so we’re pretty well off here now,” said assistant fire chief Scot Ness.

Ness said more than a dozen farmers, ranchers and businesses offered their water supplies if needed.

Farmer Jared Johnson said his experiences with fires in the past made him want to help.

“In years past it was pretty dry, we had a fire in our pasture about two years ago and just to have the volunteers come out here. It was a no brainier, because if I need them, they are right there right away,” said Johnson.

Kenmare fire said their trucks are able to hold between 200 and 2,500 gallons of water they fill from the city but having access to natural bodies of water and extra water tanks make things easier.

“Mutual aid is a big thing in these rural areas, getting other departments to bring water and other grass units to aid us,” said Ness.

Johnson said he and his family are getting ready to store more than 9,000 gallons of water to be used for planting season.

“As of right now and it being so dry and with all the windy conditions we kind of want to be prepared and have something on hand just in case,” said Johnson.

Firefighters and farmers supporting one another through tough times.

Ness said the department is still accepting volunteers to share their water and volunteer firefighters.

You can connect with any of the numbers below or reach out through the Kenmare Fire Department Facebook page here.

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