Summer jobs in Medora

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 2:38 PM CDT
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MEDORA, N.D. - More than 2,200 acres of land burned last week in a grass fire near Medora.

The fire got dangerously close to the amphitheater, but firefighters saved the famous stage and other structures.

As they say, the show must go on. So now, the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is getting ready for another summer.

The Musical and the Pitchfork Fondue are still set to begin on June 9.

Getting the town ready for the summer tourists starts long before that.

It takes a team of dedicated workers, many who come back to work summer after summer.

Photos of last summer in Medora bring back good memories for Isaiah Ross. In fact, the memories are so fond, he’s already signed up to work another summer there.

“I really like the atmosphere out here. It’s just a family friendly atmosphere that being from Nebraska it brings back the midwestern vibe, the midwestern niceness,” said Ross.

This summer, Ross will be a housekeeping supervisor, which leaves him just enough time for some more Medora adventures.

“You make a lot of friends and there’s plenty of opportunity here,” he said.

Marsha Sauer is already packing for a summer in Medora.

“I start in January by making a list of things I can bring to Medora,” Sauer explained.

She and her husband are heading back for their fifth summer working for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

“The way I love Medora, it doesn’t matter where they put this woman,” she said.

It takes a team of people like the Sauers and Ross to make the Medora magic happen.

“We have big hopes to have everything open so people can enjoy as much of Medora as possible, but we need employees to do that,” said Kaelee Knoell, marketing manager for the TRMF.

A special incentive this year: signing bonuses of as much as $800 for people who commit to spend this summer working in Medora.

Learn more about the job opportunities and sign-on bonuses at

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