The show goes on for the Mouse River Players Theatre

Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 9:07 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – After having their season cut short last year due to the pandemic, the Mouse River Players are ready to welcome audiences back to this seasons performance of “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward.

For actress Brittany Montez, a year away from the stage was too long.

“I’ve kept my script on my bedside table since March last year you know with the hopes that we would be able to come back,” said Montez.

The Mouse River Players’ production of Blithe Spirit continues right where it left off.

Actors are returning to a stage that hasn’t been changed for an entire year.

Three roles had to be recast, with the other members coming back to reprise their characters.

John Simonson, who was newly cast as the main character Charles, said he was interested by the shows premise.

“It was paraphrased to me about a successful author who is married and somehow conjures the dead spirit of his previous wife, and now has to deal with that. And I just thought that sounded hilarious,” said Simonson.

Montez will be returning to reprise her role of the dead bride Elvira.

After starting the show with a different cast last year, she’s working on adjusting to changes and a new leading man.

“Adapting to different cues different nuances in that character has been a pretty big challenge for me as well. Luckily most of the lines are coming flowing back so I can focus more on the character development that worrying about what I’m supposed to be saying,” said Montez.

Director Tim Knickerbocker said he’s excited for live audiences to come back and see the show with the changes.

“The cast is coming back and they’ve got a lot of things already down so we’re working on the new styles and some of the challenges are things are different, people act differently and they interpret the characters different so we get a new perspective on the show,” said Knickerbocker.

Proving that the show must go on in the magic city.

The show runs from April 15-18.

Theatre staff would like to remind patrons that the only legitimate way to get tickets is through the theatre.

You can reserve your seats on the Mouse River Players website here or call the box office at (701)838-3939.

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