Minot boy ‘rings the bell’

Mason was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.
Mason was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.(KFYR)
Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 6:16 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – A Minot boy just “rang the bell” declaring he is free of cancer.

The sound of three bell dings are a sing of relief and freedom for Mason Stehley.

“I don’t have to go through all of missing school and not being able to play sports and stuff,” said Mason.

Mason was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.

“It was kind of scary. But it all happened so fast it like took a few days for it sink in what was happening. We weren’t really sure like what to expect or what was going to happen or anything,” said Jodee Stehley, Mason’s mom.

While it has not been an easy road, Mason is now cancer free and looking forward to playing sports again.

“Getting my speed back,” said Mason, when asked what he’s looking forward to for sports.

His mom adding that he has always been a fighter.

“He has always kind of gone through it saying, ‘I can do it this,’ and not letting the things get him down too much,” said Jodee.

Never giving up.

“You can get through it and just keep powering through,” said Mason.

A young boy celebrating after overcoming one of life’s greatest challenges.

This summer Mason and his family plan to go to the Nickelodeon Resort as a celebration trip.

Next year, Mason will go into the 6th grade, ready for any challenge that may come his way.

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