Sports Spotlight : Becca Nitsch

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 9:48 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Bismarck State has a top-20 ranked team in junior college volleyball. The Mystics have one of the top hitters in the nation as well.

Former Sabers standout Becca Nitsch is in this week’s Sports Spotlight.

The Bismarck State volleyball squad’s mindset has always been team driven.

And sophomore Becca Nitsch can attest to that. She’s in the top ten for kills and kills per set in the nation. But what’s been elevating her comes back to the team.

Nitsch said: “I definitely have to credit my teammates and my coaches. For putting me into really good situations and for preparing me for doing well.”

This is Kyle Kuether’s first year of coaching college volleyball and he doubles down on what makes the former Legacy standout have big game after big game.

Kuether said: “The trust she has in our setters, the trust she has with our back row, back row puts the ball up to our setters, and the setters give a nice ball to her and she just cranks on it. But she’s a very smart player, she knows when to swing hard and when to finesse it.”

A difference maker on the floor and also a difference maker as a playing partner.

Mady Mosolf said: “I think she’s a great teammate, she keeps us all under control and she’s a great leader on the court and I love playing with her. She’s a great teammate to have.”

Which only helps the coaching staff in such a different season.

Kuether said: “It’s been a learning curve this year. You know her learning to work with us coaches and then kind of us learning to work with her. And then the freshman getting to know her playing style but she just holds everyone to a high level and it’s easier for us coaches because we don’t have to do it.”

A higher standard in hopes of providing another berth into the national tournament.

Nitsch said: “We just need to win our last few games then end up in the conference championship, I think that would be the best scenario. I think every team wants to make it to nationals, just like we do. So just keep pushing forward and reach our full potential.”

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