Main Street Minute: Prairie Grit pediatric therapy clinic creates many opportunities

Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 7:17 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Prairie Grit Therapy has expanded their services and now offers pediatric therapy for kids of all ages.

Alan Bradley’s six-year-old son Anderson lives with epilepsy. After just three sessions at Prairie Grit Pediatric Therapy, he has made incredible progress.

“We know that they have been working with him on that stuff and it seems like it’s helping. It’s incremental but it seem like it’s been helping him so it’s been a great experience so far,” said Alan Bradley.

Located conveniently inside the Minot YMCA, the new clinic offers a unique environment for children who live with physical and mental disabilities.

“We have swings, and slides, and balls and games and all kinds of fun things so they can work on those challenge areas and not really know that they are working on things that are a little hard for them,” said executive director and occupational therapist at Prairie Grit Pediatric Therapy Krystal Butgereit.

It’s helping those with disabilities become more independent and reach their full potential.

“It definitely lessens that burden to know that there is a group that values him in a society that often doesn’t value people with disabilities. So it’s been a god send to us,” said Alan.

While the therapy space may seem more like a playground, the goal is to have fun while learning.

“The kids seem to really love that and you can work on all types of things within an obstacle course. Following directions, staying on task, sequencing, coordination, gross motor skills. You can hit a lot of birds with one stone and make it really fun,” said Butgereit.

Creating an exciting, unique and inclusive space for everyone.

The program is made possible with help from Hess Corporation.

Prairie Grit offers a wide range of wide range of events for adults and kids to participate in during the year.

For more information about their events and services head over to their website.

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