Kenmare librarian transitions to the role of high school principal

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 4:29 PM CDT
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KENMARE, N.D. – The Kenmare School District has found its new high school principal.

The candidate the school board choose has been a part of the school community since the 90s.

Fay Froseth is currently Kenmare’s K-12 librarian, but starting Aug. 1 she will be the new high school principal.

“I have loved this school for a long time, so it’s really a big honor to be one of the leaders of the school and I want to do a good job and make the not only the teachers proud and students proud, but the community proud with the decision that was made,” said Froseth.

The current high school principal and superintendent Dr. Tim Godfrey explained during the hiring process, they knew they wanted someone who is a team player.

“When I work with teachers I don’t demand direction. I sit down and we work as a co-hort. So, I want someone who can do that as well, so basically a collaborative atmosphere somebody that can think critically and problem solve and somebody who is not afraid to work in teams,” said Godfrey.

Froseth said she to inspire students that they should never stop dreaming.

“You never stop learning and you can always reinvent yourself. Just because you started in one spot doesn’t mean that that’s where you have to stay. There are so many opportunities that you can do, that you are not just whatever you pick at the age of 21 that that’s what you have to do the rest of your life,” said Froseth.

Looking forward to the challenge and ready to start her new role.

Froseth added that she is very passionate about reading and hopes to challenge students to grow their education through literature and regain their love for reading.

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