Ward County declares burn ban

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 5:04 PM CDT
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WARD COUNTY, N.D. – As dry conditions continue across much of the Peace Garden State, many counties have implemented burn bans to try to stop the high potential of grass fires and other disasters.

Grassfires are common during this time of year, especially if we’re under drought conditions.

“It’s really dry out here, we have all the dry grass out here from last fall. It just so easy for fires to take of with this type of weather with the dry and if we get any kind of wind even there has been some fire i have heard about when we didn’t have any wind,” said Amanda Kopp, a local farmer.

Tuesday, the Ward County Commissioners joined 25 other counties enacting a burn ban.

As with other bans, the burn ban will follow the fire danger rating.

When the rating is low or moderate, you can still burn, but you should contact your local fire department or central dispatch to report your burn.

Minot Rural Fire Chief Rex Weltikol said the ban is critical at this time.

“We’ve already been in high two days and three days in moderate already and we never even hit that last year,” said Weltikol.

Some farmers, like Kopp, said they managed to get their burns in last year.

“We burn like our flax straw but we did get that all done last fall. As far as this spring we don’t have anything to do. I know a lot of people probably did get theirs down last year with the nice winter nice fall we had but there is some still out there that needs to get done,” said Kopp.

With the planting season coming up soon, farmers across the state are asking for moisture.

“I would love to see a couple inches of rain, don’t really want to see any snow if we can help it but at this point if we did get some, we will take it, but definitely a couple inches of rain would be nice,” said Kopp.

While conditions remain dry, farmers are hopeful going into the 2021 season.

For more information about the burn ban and fire danger rating, visit here.

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