Dunn County launches site for mental and behavioral health resources

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 3:20 PM CDT
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DUNN COUNTY, N.D. (KFYR) - This month, Dunn County launched a new resource to help rural residents find help with mental and behavioral health issues, and dealing with stress.

The website is catered to the communities’ needs and offers local help. Dunn County is the first in the state to introduce the Credible Mind website, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

The self-guided site gives residents resources to online and in-person help for a variety of mental and physical topics.

Farmers, rancher, and local first responders are the target for Dunn County’s new initiative.

“We started to see the behavioral health and mental health issues through our sheriff’s department, our correctional system in our state and region, dealing with a lot of mental and behavioral health issues,” said Dunn County Commissioner Daryl Dukart.

The website offers help for anxiety, stress, addiction and recovery along with hundreds of other topics.

“Anything that has to do with mental or behavioral health, you can go there and find resources,” said Dunn County Director of Human Resources Dessie Calihou.

The site includes assessments, videos, and articles residents can refer too.

“It’ll help you find some self-help kind of things, to get you through until you can see that doctor or that professional,” said Calihou.

It is also configured to offer resources in Dunn County residents can seek to use.

“My goal is really a long shot, that hopefully the state will step up and take this program and use it across the whole state,” said Dukart.

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In months to come, the county will receive analytics showing how many residents are using the programs and what is being used most often.

They will use then use the data to conform the website to the county’s needs.

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