Main Street Minute: Rainbow Photo Labs welcomes new owner

Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 5:03 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. – Many of us have old family photos and videos in their attics or storage rooms that are irreplaceable, those perfect snap shots of memories that you can’t experience again. Sometime photos or videos can age over time and get damaged.

Rainbow Photo Labs in the Magic City specializes in restoring these precious moments and offers a wide variety of photo and video services and is under new management.

Rainbow Photo Labs has been a part of the Magic City community for more than 43 years.

After decades of business, now-former owners Bill and Marie Leonard knew it was time to pass down their legacy to not just a stranger, but a friend.

“He and his mother Tara came into the store and said, ‘bill and Marie, I think we are interested,’ and immediately I thought of Tara’s mother who used to work for us 25 years ago, she’s deceased now, but it was an emotional moment knowing that maybe she was looking over things for us,” said Bill Leonard.

The Leonards passed it down to Cutter Flory, a Minot local, fresh out of college and ready to put his skills to work.

“The new people that walk into the door their kind of skeptical, a 21-year-old who owns a business in this area is kind of unheard of, but being a computer geek and what not, i can put my mind to work,” said Cutter Flory, new owner of Rainbow Photo Labs.

Flory’s not the only one in the business starting off younger.

“I was 23 and I think my wife was 19, so we understood being young and starting a business, yet we felt good knowing that Cutter was going to be able to take over what we had built,” said Leonard.

He said he understands the importance of keeping timeless memories caught on film or in pictures intact.

“When you bring in like a photo that needs to be restored or what not and its super old but it’s a family member. They are a part of history. It’s amazing what comes through the door,” said Flory.

Much like his new business, holding onto the memories of the past ownership and adding new ones along the way.

Rainbow Photo Labs specializes in photo restoration, printing, passport photos, portraits, and everything in between.

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