Mema’s Meats off to a booming start in Berthold

Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 3:02 PM CST
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BERTHOLD, N.D. – The meat processing industry is booming in Berthold now, thanks to Mema’s Meats.

Staff are chopping up beef and pork for ranchers around Berthold. It’s a new outlet to help keep things moving.

“Inspected facility, you can sell at retail, you can do whatever. For the local guys around here it has really been a blessing. There was a lot of little ones, and then there wasn’t, and it was hard to get in. This opening up has really lifted a burden off of all of us,” said Peyton Sundsbak, rancher.

Owner Phillip Newman came across the idea when he was having trouble finding a butcher for his own hogs.

“We were having a hard time getting butcher dates, we knew that most of the butchers in the state were booking anywhere from a year to two years in advance, and everyone was having difficulty,” said Newman.

When all is said and done, producers pull up and load up.

COVID delayed the first day, but doors opened in December and state certification means what they process can be sold in North Dakota.

“It means a lot to us that we can provide a consistent product to the consumer. It’s really good meat, we’ve loved it for a long time. We just... there wasn’t a good way to get it there. This opening up has made it a lot easier for that,” said Sundsbak.

Though he’s still training in staff Newman’s goal is to process 25 beef per week, and several swine.

Newman hopes to stock the shelves of Mema’s Meats with his own products by the end of the year.

His business is one of North Dakota’s 16 certified processing plants.

You can find more information here or call: (701)-453-3401.

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