A dad’s work inspires his daughter’s school essay shared with the city

Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 1:29 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - One 7-year-old Bismarck resident is raising her voice as an advocate for keeping the Capital clean.

Her inspiration? Her dad who is a long-time city employee.

Fourth-graders at North Ridge Elementary School were given an assignment to write a persuasive essay.

Seven-year-old Gabby Schell was motivated by her dad, Gabe, who is a Bismarck City Engineer.

Gabe is no strangers to having his kids around the office.

“Most of the time, the family gets to come along with me. If its a trip to check out the new trail that is constructed or the new sidewalk that we put in, it’s something that I like to bring the family out to look at so they’re exposed to it, but also so I can look into the issue as we,” said Gabe.

All those family trips inspired his daughter Gabby to write about what she sees.

“When I drive around town, I just see plastic bags everywhere,” said Gabby

In her essay, Gabby wrote, ‘People are just letting their bags go in the wind and it’s getting in other people’s property. It’s your job to do something about it.’

Let’s all work to reduce littering

By: Gabby Schell

Have you ever driven around town and noticed the litter? It's everywhere! In the streets, stuck in fences in the grass. It really is everywhere and it's gross. People are just letting their bags go in the wind and it's getting in other people's property. It's your job to do something about it.

One reason why I think this is because littering can hurt the environment. If we stop littering less trees will be dying and they give us oxygen. Littering or pollution can harm plants because littering creates algae and algae makes it hard for plants to grow. Smoking is also considered pollution and that ruins the air and makes it really easy to start fires.

Another reason why I think this is littering can harm animals. People let their trash go and if there is wind (which most of the time there is) trash can cut and rip a bird's flesh. People are also just dropping their trash into the ocean or letting it go in the wind and it gets into the ocean and fish eat it and die. Trash also hurts sea turtles because they try to get to the water and trash blocks their way. People are also letting their old or broken lobster traps go and dolphins are getting tangled in the traps.

My final reason is that it is safer for people because people are again just letting their trash go in nature parks (or anywhere) and the bears (or other animals) are eating it and change their way of living and depend on wrappers and other trash but they can also get very sick and die. Many natural disasters can happen and like again it makes it easier for fires.

If trash bothers you too, here are some ways you can help the environment: You can make sure that your garbage can is shut tight, you can go around and help clean up and you can spread the word to stop littering!! But remember you can help and it’s up to you! Together we can have a better community and much more prettier scenes.

Gabby Schell

“I wanted Bismarck to make a change in the town,” said Gabby.

Gabby’s article was submitted and published in the local newspaper and has been shared dozens of times on social media.

“Her mom and I were really proud of her willingness to make a statement, and let the world know. And I think that is what this world needs more of is people taking a stand for what they believe in and sharing that information with the world,” said Gabe.

After all Gabe has taught his daughter Gabby, possibly one day she’ll be able to inspire others like her dad has for her.

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher,” said Gabby.

Until then, the Schell family will continue help what they are most passionate about, the city of Bismarck.

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