Local leaders band together for federal LGBTQ protections

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 7:04 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. – Six local North Dakota leaders are joining forces with more than 140 local leaders from across the country to ask for LGBTQ+ protections at the federal level.

Local lawmakers in nearly 30 states that have no anti-discrimination laws in place were contacted by the Freedom for All Americans bipartisan campaign.

They were asked to show support or the recently reintroduced Equality Act through a targeted letter to congress asking for their support.

Minot City Councilwoman Carrie Evans provided her signature along with representatives from Grand Forks and Fargo.

“I gave the opportunity to all of my colleagues on Minot City Council to sign on, none of them did and I believe Grand Forks and Fargo, the people signed on, shared it with their entire bodies to get any signatories,” said Evans.

Evans said that while some cities in North Dakota have protections in their municipalities, federal protections are still needed in rural areas.

“North Dakota is made up of a lot of smaller communities that will never had anti-discrimination protections like our bigger communities do and we’ll probably never see Bismarck Pass some anti-discrimination laws. So have that protection just really making it a fair and equitable playing field,” said Evans.

While the Equality Act has failed in the Past, the House is expected to vote on the bill sometime this week.

You can find the full letter sent to mayors, city council members and municipal leaders here.

Find out how you can contact your lawmakers through Freedom for All Americans here.

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