Jamestown child going through chemotherapy receives thousands of letters from strangers

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 8:58 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - A few weeks ago, Your News Leader brought you a story about two women from Jamestown asking North Dakotans to send letters to Connor George, a two-year-old boy battling a brain tumor.

The George family has received thousands of letters from all over the country with words of encouragement as Connor continues to undergo chemotherapy.

It began as a simple Valentine’s day idea, but turned into a daily routine of going to the mailbox to see what surprises came for Harper’s little brother Connor.

“The mailman learned our names very quickly, and he would say ‘Hello George family! Boy, do I have something for you!’,” said Brooke George, Connor’s mother.

Thousands of family, friends and strangers sent Connor George letters and gifts to encourage him through treatment.

“To know that there are complete strangers from everywhere are thinking about Connor and sending him prayers and well wishes. They stopped what they were doing to send us a card,” said Brooke.

Daily, Connor was greeted with a pile of packages at the front door.

From those he doesn’t even know, sending him words of encouragement.

“The kindness we received from so many strangers, just helps us know there is so much good that still exists in the world and that means a lot to us, and I hope they continue that with everything they do in their lives,” said Brooke.

As each letter opened, a sense of normalcy returns to the George family.

“It’s very special, I can’t describe how it makes us feel. It means a lot,” said Brooke.

Brooke says she is grateful for each and every handwritten letter and package that was delivered to her family.

“I want them to know that what they did had an impact on us and I hope they continue that,” said Brooke.

The love and support has allowed them to focus more on Connor and give him the strength to continue fighting.

Connor will undergo eight rounds of chemotherapy treatment before he will be re-evaluated to come back to North Dakota.

The George family hopes they will be able to return home late summer.

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