Four sets of brothers in ORCS boys basketball program

Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 12:29 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. – Brotherly bonds at Our Redeemer’s have helped lift the Knights to another successful season. Jace Weekley said his brother, Levi, has boosted his post play.

“He’s really been helpful with that, along with defense. We really like doing defense here,” said Jace, eighth grade forward.

“When you have four sets of different brothers on this team, you push each other more,” said Levi, senior center.

Collin Swenson said he’ll miss having his brother, Tanner, in the gym after he graduates this season. Tanner will get to see Collin get better and better from the stands.

“If it wasn’t like that, I really don’t know what I would do,” said Collin, seventh grade forward/guard.

“He’s a better driver than I am. We both can shoot the ball pretty good. He’s a better defensive player than I was at his age,” said Tanner, senior forward.

The Vibetos have been building their chemistry for years, although Bryce said Rylan’s the one to bring the rough stuff.

“We already know what we like from even playing in the driveway and stuff like that,” said Rylan, junior center.

“He likes to get dirty and throw some elbows. I like to get out there and shoot,” said Bryce, eighth grade forward.

Ethan Brown said his brother, Jared, has taught him to be brave on the court.

“Even though I’m small and I get bumped around, just don’t be afraid of people. Even though they’re stronger than you, just try to get in,” said Ethan, seventh grade guard.

“It just makes the experience better, just everyone being friends, and especially being with my little brother,” said Jared, junior forward.

The Knights also have Levi and Jace’s brother, Wyatt, waiting in the wings as a sixth grader.

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