John Thompson remains positive three decades after farming accident

john thompson
john thompson(KFYR)
Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 5:19 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. – A Minot man is celebrating 29 years of moving forward after a nearly fatal farming accident in 1992 changed his life.

John Thompson lost both of his arms as a teenager while using an auger, but was able to have both of them surgically attached.

Today, he continues to make an impact in the disabled community and beyond.

Thompson said he never set out to become a public figure.

“That was probably the hardest thing I had to deal with, was the Notoriety,” said Thompson.

After nearly 30 years, Thompson said he can still recall every detail of that fateful day.

“I’m just lying there on the stretcher and thinking ‘Why don’t they have the sirens turned on.’ And so I was complaining about that because they didn’t want to excite me and I’m like ‘well just turn the siren on.’ And then I remember the one gal who was with me in the back looked and told the guy to slow down. And I’m like ‘Ok, I have no arms, don’t slow the ambulance down just get me there,’” said Thompson.

After publishing a book about his experience titled “Home in One Piece,” Thompson said he’s seen the effects his story has on others.

“When somebody has a similar accident the hospitals will call me and I’ve flown to Minneapolis and driven there many times and talk to the families and support them and what they’re going through and give them advice on what to do and what to expect,” said Thompson.

Thompson said he will work to remain a positive influence for those who need him.

“Going forward just remembering that I’m not the only one with issues. Other people have it way worse than I have and not to get down on myself because of something happening,” said Thompson.

One man staying positive as he continues to move forward.

Thompson said he has also reached out to political leaders for the state to speak with them about what more than can do for the disabled community.

Download a free digital copy or order Thompson’s book here.

Follow Thompson on his public Facebook page here.

The books is also available for checkout at Minot Public Library.

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