Sports Spotlight: Nick Kupfer

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 8:24 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The more choices you have sometimes makes the decision more difficult.

Nick Kupfer had multiple sports to choose from and multiple colleges asking him to be a part of their program next year.

But as we find out in this week’s Sports Spotlight, Kupfer narrowed his choices down quickly.

Kupfer finished his senior football season by earning first team All-State honors at wide receiver. After missing the start of basketball, all Kupfer did in his first game back was score 46, breaking the school record for points in a game.

“Well have you not done anything for 10 days and then come out at a competitive level like that that’s absolutely impressive, but I’m not really surprised by that because he’s just such a talented athlete he does things at a different level than most kids do,” said Jason Horner, Legacy Head Coach.

“It was nice I was locked in my room for like 10 days it’s been good to get out and run. I was a little nervous in practice the day before but once I got to practice, I knew it was just like any other day,” said Kupfer, Legacy senior.

Kupfer is one of the most athletic kids Horner has ever coached.

“Unreal right? Just size, agility, and quickness, and he can jump, he’s got skill, he can shoot. There’s really nothing that that young man can’t do but what impresses me the most is his feel for the game. He’s always and that you know when he was sophomore, he led the West Region in scoring, you know had the wrist injury last year but he just sees the game at a different level than most kids do and his ability to make decisions around the rim. I haven’t seen that in a long time,” Horner said.

Kupfer’s teammates also understand that he’s a threat from anywhere on the floor.

“He’s just a freak athlete. He can do anything. Play defense, he can rebound the ball, score points, he’s just one of those like a Swiss Army knife, he can really do anything. Not a lot of kids are as athletic as him. He compliments everyone’s game, whether it’s going to get a rebound, a steal playing defense, getting a big shot when we need it, posting up in the paint or shooting the ball from the perimeter, he’s really a treat to have,” said Ben Patton, Legacy senior.

Kupfer had options to pursue basketball, football and track in college. Kupfer committed to play football for the North Dakota Fighting Hawks.

“Honestly, I thought about it and when I thought about football and basketball, you can’t play football again later in life and you can play basketball all you want and that opportunity from UND is a no brainer. We had multiple talks and it was just really good to get out there and talk to them over zoom calls and stuff. All the coaches made it a really easy decision for me,” Kupfer said.

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