Bismarck youth tennis program sees record enrollment

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 4:29 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The pandemic has canceled many types of youth sports and various other activities, but some games continue to go on.

At Bismarck’s Capital Racquet and Fitness, the youth tennis program is bigger than ever.

Bridger Swank is no stranger to the tennis court. The 5-year-old has played before and he knows what he likes about this sport.

“Picking up the balls,” Swank said.

He also likes the games and the friends. Swank is one of more than 130 kids signed up for this session of youth tennis at Bismarck’s Capital Racquet and Fitness.

“We are setting a record this session,” stated Rod Morasch, head tennis pro.

Jonah Fiest is happy to be here but he’s not sure what his favorite part of the game is.

“I like all of it,” said 5-year-old Feist.

That’s exactly what organizers want to hear. They say tennis is a game for all ages.

“If you’re between age 3 and 93 we have a spot for you,” said Morasch.

Rod Morasch has been playing tennis for decades.

“Many decades,” he laughed.

He likes the challenge of playing and of teaching the sport. He is grateful this program has been able to continue and grow despite coronavirus concerns. In fact, he says tennis is an ideal way to stay active and safe during the pandemic.

“Social distancing is built into the sport. It is a way you can get a good workout, be away from everybody and you feel comfortable,” he explained.

A workout that is helping kids like Swank and Feist develop some important skills.

“It’s a good way to build some hand eye coordination and how to overcome adversity,” said Morasch.

Those are skills that will help these kids both on and off the court.

This session of youth tennis is full, but a new one starts March 1. Visit Bismarck Parks and Rec’s website to learn more.

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