Ammo shortages in North Dakota

Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 4:34 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. – In the wake of the outbreak and hunting season, several stores around North Dakota have trouble keeping ammo in stock.

Empty shelves are becoming a common sight in gun stores across the state.

“It’s concerning, but we had that I think during the Obama administration, where we had shortages of certain ammunition,” said Duwayne Pochant, Minot.

Statements by the presidents of Hornady Manufacturing, and Remington both said that they produced more ammunition this year than normal, but they couldn’t keep up with demand.

“It’s coming up for election, but this year you also have the pandemic, and a lot of people sitting at home, and a lot of people shoot while they’re home, so we’re buying more and more ammo. Stocking up just trying to pass the time,” said Joshua Wheeler, Nodak Arms manager.

Nodak Arms said that everything they had was on the shelves, though they have orders in for more.

“One would hope you never need that kind of stuff, but boy if you wouldn’t have it and something does happen,” said Justin Thurn, Minot.

The shortage has been going on since before hunting season this year.

The stores Your News Leader talked with have a long back-order list with their distributors, and said that they’ll have more in stock as soon as ammo is available.

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