Hague Diner is the ‘best diner in town’ according to locals in the city of 65

Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 6:04 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Hague, North Dakota is a small town know for it’s quiet and friendly atmosphere.

It Is also known for it’s diner and without the help of a Colorado woman, it may not have stayed open.

Like clockwork Richard Wenninger meets with friends for breakfast every Sunday at The Hague Diner to talk about their week.

“We went by and looked through the window and said: ‘boy there’s a lot of people’,” said a diner guest.

Residents of Hague, North Dakota said it’s the best diner in town, in fact this is the only restaurant in the town of 65 people. Yet, it’s small size attracts more than half the population.

Clemens Silbernagel and his brother John travel more than 40 miles from Napoleon at least three times a week to crack jokes and enjoy the food.

“The food is good so what else is there...We got a few miles to get here but to us it’s worth it,” said Clemens Silbernagel.

Jason Karasek and his 8-year-old son Tyler, travel from Minnesota to the diner each time they’re in the area because Tyler likes looking at historic pictures on the walls.

“It gives me little memories of back in the day,” said Tyler Karasek.

Jason loved the area so much, he bought land about 8 years ago near Zeeland.

“We just like coming out here. We do a lot of pheasant hunting,” said Jason Karasek.

Customers often said it feels like a family restaurant but it’s actually owned by the city because it’s changed hands so many times no one, not even the mayor, remembers who originally owned it.

“Here you go and five dollars is your change,” said waitress Amanda to a customer.

Two years ago the fate of this unique eatery almost came to an end had it not been for longtime waitress Tiffany Keller.

Keller said she realized if no one could run the restaurant, it would fold.

So she, her daughter and friend Amanda teamed up to keep the small restaurant operating.

“We have really good support here, the town supports the café very [well],” said Keller.

Locals are grateful Keller and her staff have kept the diner alive. Keller’s next long-term goal is finding someone to take over in the future.

Tiffany Keller said her daughter is studying to be a chiropractor and helps out at the diner when she can.

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