Bis-Man Outdoor Services gifts 19-year-old entrepreneur a work truck

Jake Wutzke started his business, Bis-Man Outdoor Services, in 2011 with a single truck and a big dream.
Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 4:02 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Jake Wutzke started his business, Bis-Man Outdoor Services, in 2011 with a single truck and a big dream.

Nine years later, Wutzke’s business is blooming and his next goal is to help others fulfill their dreams.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Jake Wutzke set out to find a young entrepreneur who was motivated to start from scratch like he did.

He found his apprentice in a 19-year-old’s career, who just needed a truck to jump start his career.

Despite not knowing each other, Wutzke is giving Zechariah Schwarz the gift of a lifetime.

“Once COVID hit, I lost my job. I thought, I can’t make my money doing this and I hadn’t been making a lot of money before, so I thought the best way to do it was to get to it and go get it myself,” said Schwarz.

On top of starting a lawn care business, Schwarz had dropped out of high school his Junior year to take care of his son.

“Zach really spoke to me. I was about his age when I started and with having a young child and his story of being there for his kid, that’s why we chose him,” said Wutzke.

Wutzke handed down his first work truck he had purchased nearly a decade ago.

“That was old blue, that was my trusty truck that got me through a lot of hard times,” said Wutzke.

With the title in hand, and a smile from ear to ear, Schwarz began planning for his new addition.

“I can get a start on snow removal this winter, it will help me bring my snow blower around and shovel. And then this summer I’ll be able to pull a trailer with a lawn mower,” said Schwarz.

As the truck backs out and starts off for a new adventure, Wutzke see’s part of himself in Schwarz.

He hopes his once everything, can help him grow a business, too.

“I hope he gets to fulfil his dreams and support his family,” said Wutzke.

As Schawrz makes the trip back to Fargo, his fleet and dreams are growing, one truck at a time.

Bis-Man Outdoor Services can be reached at 701-390-2157.

A to Z Lawn Care out of Fargo and Moorhead can be reached at 701-367-0724.

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