Bismarck neighbors concerned for their safety after receiving anonymous letters

Bismarck neighbors concerned for their safety after receiving anonymous letters
Bismarck neighbors concerned for their safety after receiving anonymous letters(KFYR-TV)
Published: Dec. 21, 2020 at 4:47 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Some Bismarck residents are being attacked through anonymous letters for flying flags in their front yards.

The letters, containing vulgar and harassing statements, have caused the recipients to take extra safety precautions around their homes.

Several neighbors in the Highland Acres neighborhood have received anonymous letters regarding their political signage, making them concerned for their safety.

Many of them have installed surveillance cameras after the letters continued.

American flags decorate the streets within Highland Acres. Other banners are displayed as well.

“I installed the security cameras after the flag was torn down and after I got the letter,” said Doug Haux, a Bismarck resident.

The letter, specifically addressed to Haux, is so vulgar, parts can’t be shown on TV.

“There was a sentence in there that said, this is just a start, so that concerned me,” said Haux.

Shortly after installing the cameras, Haux captured a video of a group of people attempted to steal his political flag.

Down the street, another neighbor received a similar note.

“We knew the hand writing was the same on the card Doug had received,” said Kimberly Graner, a Bismarck resident.

The letter received by Graner begs the question about her decision to display a political sign.

“At first I found it funny, I did post it on Facebook,” said Graner.

Until a week later when a second letter showed up.

“I felt very violated and harassed at that point and at that point I did make a police report,” said Graner.

She too installed a security system the same day.

“It’s made me uneasy. Now every time when the cameras go off, I have to check them right away,” said Graner.

As the letters circulate around social media.

“To me it’s gotten out of hand,” said Haux.

Graner and Haux agree, the letters signed ‘by the neighborhood’ are only being delivered from one house.

“It could be a couple of different people, but no it’s not a neighborhood, I’m certain of that,” said Graner.

The author of the letters is still unknown.

Several of the residents who received the letters have filed a police reports. They hope the anonymous writer stops sending the letters.

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