Bismarck woman makes hobby into a business after losing her job due to COVID-19

Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 12:53 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - For all the negative impacts the coronavirus has had on the world, there has also been some good. Many people say they’re thankful for a little extra time – some are spending it with their families, others have picked up a new hobby.

The pandemic gave one Bismarck woman the push she needed to dust off her creativity and turn her hobby into a business.

“I’ve always has a passion for design,” said Mollie Schulz, owner and creator of Mollie’s Custom Creations.

Five years ago, Schulz turned that passion into a little side business.

“It was my outlet in the evenings and weekends,” she said.

Mollie Schulz
Mollie Schulz(KFYR)

She posted a photo of her reversible scarecrow/snowman creation to her Facebook page.

“It went viral,” she recalled.

That one post propelled her Facebook page from less than 50 likes to more than 3,000. The photo was shared thousands of times and seen by millions.

Schulz made several of those scarecrow/snowmen signs, but then life got in the way.

“I went on a hiatus from my hobby because we had to do IVF,” she said. “I put everything on the backburner to start a family.”

Now, five years and two kids later, Schulz decided to bring back her little business. She never expected it to become her full-time job.

“It wasn’t in my plan,” said Schulz.

But plans are made to be changed. COVID hit and Schulz lost her job. Suddenly, this hobby became something much bigger. She purchased a laser cutter and is busy cutting Christmas and pandemic inspired ornaments.

“It’s a very serious time right now but you have to find a little humor in the situation,” said Schulz.

She’s got more things planned.

As she watches her ideas become reality, Schulz can’t help but pinch herself, with each cut of her machine Schulz realizes how lucky she is to make this her work.

Schulz creates many of her own designs, but she also works with other artists and their designs.

You can order Schulz’s creations on her Facebook page – just search Mollie’s Custom Creations.

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