Bismarck State College moves forward with its mission as a polytechnic institution

Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 6:21 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Bismarck State College is moving forward with its mission as a polytechnic institution to build on its existing and developing integrated technical degrees.

At this time, the program areas of focus are energy, cyber, agriculture, health sciences and automation manufacturing.

Recently, the college hired Alicia Uhde as the Polytechnic Program outreach director.

Uhde is responsible for expanding BSC’s public and private partnerships, industry collaborations and experiential learning opportunities for students across many of BSC’s programs.

Uhde has been with BSC for 16 years.

Previously, she was a program manager in the BSC National Energy Center of Excellence.

Bismarck State College Energy and Renewable Services students get a lot of hands-on experience in the energy lab, as that is the main goal of this BSC polytechnic offering.

“Everything we learn we will use in industry and that’s what previous students have told us, what Reynold has told us, is that everything is that everything is close to industry so, we’re already doing our jobs pretty much,” said energy and renewable services student Will Stave.

Industry partnerships are just as important as the experiential learning that takes place.

“We need industry input so that we can make sure that we’re teaching to our students what they’re going to see when they get out into industry,” said BSC Energy Services and Renewable Technician Associate Professor Reynold Miller.

Since 2018, BSC administrators said the college has been working to expand its career-focused curriculum in all disciplines, adding greater emphasis to blending theory and practice in hands-on learning environments.

That’s what Uhde plans to do.

“In addition to listening to our community, when need to hear what they see as their future needs. Industry is changing. We hear industry 4.0 standards, integrations of a lot of skill sets into one position and so how can we support that need for our community and beyond,” said Uhde.

One new program they are looking to add is mechatronics.

Uhde said they have all the coursework but they need to put it together in a way that combines electrical and computer skills needed.

Those looking to make a career change or to brush up on any skills can register now and start as early as Jan. 11.

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