Linton-HMB Lions Volleyball

Linton-HMB Volleyball
Linton-HMB Volleyball(KFYR-TV)
Published: Nov. 17, 2020 at 3:32 PM CST
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LINTON, N.D. (KFYR) - It takes three victories in the Fargodome this week to win the state volleyball title.

The eight Class-B region champions have a combined winning percentage of nearly 91%.

For the Region-3 title holders from Linton-HMB, that number is 100%.

The Lions defeated Ellendale, highly-rated Oakes and Carrington in the region to secure their spot in the tournament. Most highly successful teams on the high school level are senior dominated. Linton-HMB only has a pair seniors on its roster.

Jaime Richter, Linton-HMB head coach, said: “It’s so awesome! Best kids and the most unselfish group of kids I’ve ever coached. They just want to see each other achieve. They could care less about stats and they’re just happy for each other you can tell. When somebody makes a big kill they’re celebrating for them. They’re not celebrating for themselves.”

Kimberly Gefroh, Linton-HMB junior hitter, said: “It’s really special to me and my teammates. We’ve worked hard and we’ve been playing with each other since fourth grade. We’ve been best friends since we’ve been little and they always said you guys would be really good one day and to come to that full potential and we’ve been working as hard as we possibly can. Just our chemistry on the court is unreal. We’re all best friends. There is not one of us that doesn’t like each other.”

The Lions won a 9-Man football championship last week and football has provided motivation for the Linton-HMB volleyball squad.

Emily Kelsch, Linton-HMB Senior hitter, said: “I went to every game and we traveled, a bunch of us traveled to cheer them on and in LaMoure. It was kind of crazy, hey they’re going to the state championship and we got to storm the field and cheer with them and it was like I want that too. I think we can do it and it pushed us harder to seeing them succeed.”

The Lions first-round opponent is Our Redeemer’s on Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. CST. It will be their third match against the Knights this year.

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