Three generations gather for deer hunting, make memories of a lifetime

Published: Nov. 15, 2020 at 1:25 PM CST
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LINTON, N.D. - A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these photos, might just leave you speechless.

They are images taken opening day of this year’s deer gun season and they tell the story of the Weber family and their yearly deer hunting adventures.

“I got to watch the whole thing unfold,” recalls Brandon Weber. "Those two were hunting I was taking pictures.

Brandon Weber’s pictures capture his twin brother and their 90-year-old grandfather in the first moments of the 2020 deer gun season.

“I was the camera guy. I was just watching in background,” says Brandon.

It is a moment the brothers will never forget.

“We belly crawled over the hill. I showed Grandpa where the deer were with the binoculars. We put the scope on and that was it,” says Brady Weber.

For the Webers, deer season is a family event.

“This is a Weber holiday for three weeks,” says Brady.

“We all mark it on the calendar and take it off work,” adds Brandon.

Three generations of Webers hunt together. They share a love for the land and a love for the hunt; both instilled in them by 90-year-old Albert Weber. He’s lived here his entire life.

“I was born on that place,” says Albert, pointing to the farmhouse.

Albert has been hunting this land for 74 years.

“Since I was 16,” he says.

Albert is an inspiration to his son and grandsons.

“If I could do half the stuff that he does at 90 when I’m 70, I’ll be okay,” says Brady.

“I think he’s healthier than I am,” jokes Brandon. “He might be 90 years old, but it doesn’t seem like it. He comes out and hunts with us every year. We expect him to be with us.”

And Albert expects to be here: walking the pastures, hunting and making memories..

“What can you find better than family?” he asks.

This family knows they’re lucky to have this time together.

“I know exactly how fortunate I am,” says Brady.

And this year, they all feel a little extra fortunate. And thanks to these pictures, they’ll never forget this hunt or these times with their grandpa.

Albert still helps on the farm. He drives grain cart during harvest, fixes fence and helps with calving.

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