Washburn fifth-graders spread kindness on World Kindness Day

Published: Nov. 13, 2020 at 5:26 PM CST
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WASHBURN, N.D. – Friday is World Kindness Day.

One Washburn teacher and her students spread a little kindness around their school to celebrate the day.

Friday’s morning routine for these Washburn fifth-graders was a little different than usual.

“For math we delivered treats to all the teachers in the schoo. Made us feel like complete,” said fifth-grader Noah Selensky.

Dressed in matching T-shirts, made for them by their teacher, the students spent the first part of their school day making deliveries.

“I love being kind to people and brightening people’s days, seeing people smile, especially right now,” said fifth-grader Lacy Seidler.

“We handed out treats, and it made me so happy to see them smile. It was so much fun doing it,” added fifth-grader Breanna Laning.

They delivered scotcharoos and notes to teachers and staff throughout their building.

“You could tell the teachers were happy. Their whole face was filled with joy,” said Selensky.

Even those quarantined at home could feel the kindness.

“I texted a bunch of people said, ‘Happy Kindness Day,’” explained fifth-grader Kesia Boeshans, who is quarantined right now.

Jacobson says this is just a small part of a bigger lesson, one she says is more important now than ever before.

“Right now, whether they’re at home or listen to the radio, everything is so negative,” said fifth grade teacher Suzy Jacobson. “If we can just do something so nice and make other people smile, it is a chain reaction. We are doing a kind thing for teachers and hopefully they’ll turn around and spread some kindness.”

A lesson that on this day, these fifth-graders learned one sweet treat at a time.

Jacobson says this is an ongoing project in her classroom, not just something they’re doing on this World Kindness Day. In fact, the kids have started a 30-day kindness challenge. They delivered treats on Halloween and earlier this week, they made and delivered cards to veterans working at Great River Energy.

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