Trinity Health discusses staffing needs, bed availability

Trinity Health
Trinity Health(KFYR-TV)
Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 7:02 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – The North Dakota Legislative Budget Section reallocated just over $221.4 million of unused coronavirus aid money Wednesday.

According to the Legislative Branch website, $10 million of that will go back to the department of health to distribute to the states six largest hospitals.

According to the Legislative Budget Section, that money will be used to address increasing stress on maintaining staff.

It can also be used to help pay overtime and for other strategies to support health care workers.

North Dakota received $1.25 billion in federal dollars to help a number of different agencies during the pandemic.

Roughly 17% of that was given back.

Leadership with Trinity Health said they don’t yet know how much of the $10 million they will receive, but the help is much needed during this time.

“It’s coming at a great time because we are short-staffed. We are a growing organization, but we are also subject to losing staff to the COVID-19 virus just like every other business is,” said Trinity Health Vice President Randy Schwan.

Trinity Health Recruiter Melissa Weddell also commented on the need for staff.

“We have staff who are out because of the pandemic, and we need to fill that.  We have staff who are covering for other people, so we are getting tired and we need other people to come in,” said Weddell.

Weddell said they are looking for staff across aboard including nurses and CNA’s, maintenance mechanics, respiratory therapists, and more.

She encouraged the public to visit the Trinity Health website careers page or contact Trinity Human Resources.

Schwan also spoke on the number of beds available in the hospital.

He said on Thursday that they had a number of beds available on the ICU floor and on the medical and surgical floors but that changes daily.

Schwan also said the hospital is working to make sure anyone who needs a bed gets one.

“It’s a moving target it goes up and down all day, and we have a team that works really hard to make sure that there is a bed available for the next patient. We discharge patients. We admit patients. It’s just a moving number,” said Schwan.

He added that when they do reach capacity they reach out to other hospitals to get them moved there.

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