Adults Adopting Special Kids works to find children homes

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 7:10 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - November is National Adoption Month, and the Adults Adopting Special Kids, or AASK foster care adoption program, is encouraging adoption not only for younger children but for older kids as well.

AASK officials said in the last three months they have worked with about 670 children in some stage of the adoption process.

Currently, they said they are looking for homes for about 30 children statewide, which means the kids are either in foster care or are in some type of residential facility waiting to be matched with their family.

Parenting isn’t something that most people learn from a book, but if you’re adopting teenagers, you may need a particular kind of help.

AASK workers said teens sometimes get a bad rap, just because they’re teenagers, but supervisor Vanessa Deibert and hopeful adoptive parent Lisa Albitre said it is one of the best decisions someone could make.

“I absolutely prefer teenagers, and it’s for a whole range of reasons. For starters, honestly, I’m kind of selfish. I like to sleep, and I am constantly on the go, and that’s just really difficult to have with little kids,” said waiting parent Lisa Albitre.

Diebert said while a teenager may only be in a home for a little while, there are still some important roles a family plays in that stage of life.

“They may only be in your home until they’re 18. It’s really important to think of where did you go on Christmas when you were at college and the dorms closed down? All of those, like early adult things that children that did age out of the system they just don’t have,” said Diebert.

Adoptive parent SaVanna Schmidt said she hasn’t regretted any part of her adoption process

“You have to really take time to educate yourself to meet your child where they’re at. You know, not have too many expectations and just kind of learning and grow through this process and it’s totally worth it,” said Schmidt.

Last year 142 families were approved for adoption, and 213 adoptions were finalized. Those interested in adopting can find out more by calling 701-255-1793, or at

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