Mott native recovering from two hurricanes in weeks

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Just seven weeks after the destruction from Hurricane Laura, many people found themselves in double jeopardy- this time in the path of Hurricane Delta.

Among them is Mott native Jeffery Peterson.

Your News Leader spoke with Jeffery Peterson in September. He says a few shingles and a fence were blown around his residence in Sulphur, Louisiana.

His family-owned business lay in pieces, but he was adamant about cleaning up and getting back to work.

Seven weeks later, Hurricane Delta hit town, this time flooding parts of Peterson’s home.

Last week, Jeffery Peterson and his family watch out the window as the second hurricane closes in on their home.

'We boarded up just like we did before. We did that on Thursday and then Friday was just a waiting game," said Peterson.

High winds of over 100 mph and rainfall in double digits damaged parts of the Peterson home.

“And those gusts pushed in on our doors, and pushed in on our windows. This time we had water in the house that we did not have before,” said Peterson.

Around town, standing water still fills streets and yards.

Peterson says crews will need to come in and help clear the water and mud from homes.

“I was so grateful that we didn’t have to do that after Laura, but that is not going to be the case this time. It’s going to be a mess,” said Peterson.

But he is unsure if the help and resources will come back, after volunteering to restore communities from Hurricane Laura.

“A lot of them were here for four weeks and I don’t know if they have the resources to come back to help,” said Peterson.

For now, Peterson says his family is working to restore their home.

“The big message is to cherish the family, cherish not so much the material things but things that are deep, close, to your heart,” said Peterson.

Picking up the pieces from Laura, while assessing the damage from Delta.

Peterson credits his ability to rebuild after the hurricane to the people he grew up with in Mott.

He says his experiences in the farming community helped his family get through the hurricanes.

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