Meet the Candidates: Rolette County Commissioner Race pt. 1

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 7:28 PM CDT
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ROLETTE COUNTY, N.D. – We’re going to feature three of the candidates running for Rolette county Commissioner.

We will have the other candidates Oct. 9 in part two of the story.

There are six total candidates running for three seats.


The first is an incumbent, Alex Albert.

Albert has served two terms on the commissioners' board, for a total of eight years.

He has extensive knowledge on the county budget.

During his previous terms, he has helped fight for more state and federal dollars

If elected for a third term, his number one goal is to reduce local taxes

“I believe the experience and knowledge I have acquired over the past two terms will make me a better candidate, or a wiser choice of a candidate. I am certainly more aware of the issues that we face,” said Albert.


We now go over to the next candidate, Allen Schlenvogt.

Allen Schlenvogt was born and raised in North Dakota and has been a part of the Rolette community since 1969.

He has experience in engineering and ranching.

He is an elected member of the Belcourt School District Board.

If elected, Schlenvogt said he would like to get more funding for the jail and would like to bring the different communities of Rolette County together.

“Because I worked for the Indian Health Services, I have a knowledge of the reservation. And also, because I did a little ranching, I have an acquaintance with farmers and ranchers,” said Schlenvogt.


For our last candidate for our part one series of the Rolette County Commissioners' race, we introduce you, Archie Metcalfe.

Metcalfe was born and raised in the county and graduated from Dunseith School.

He has worked in the road department for the county for more than 11 years and is currently the equipment operator for the county.

He said that his experience with road work will benefit community as he tries to push for better funding for the roads, and he also wants to help get taxes under control.

“My road experience will benefit the roads , I feel quite a bit, for some of the road problems we have. Things like that. Common sense, and experience, and just straight talk. Straight answers,” said Metcalfe.

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