North Dakota’s corn harvest ahead of schedule

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 4:10 PM CDT
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COLEHARBOR, N.D. – What a difference a year makes.

Last year during North Dakota’s corn harvest, it seemed like if something could go wrong, it did.

Many producers didn’t finish harvesting their corn until the spring. But this year it’s a different story.

Coleharbor producer Heith Pochant is pretty happy about this harvest season. He’s smiling because corn harvest is going better than he expected.

“We were really surprised. We were hoping for a good average, but it’s turned out to be really good,” said Pochant.

It was a dry summer.

“When it quit raining, it stopped and it hasn’t rained yet. It is really dry right now,” he said.

Pochant worried the drought would hurt his corn crop. But so far, yields are good. And despite an early freeze on Sept. 9, so is the weather.

“It’s been really good surprisingly as dry as it’s been,” Pochant said. “The corn is dry and the yields have been good.”

And this year’s harvest is ahead of schedule.

“It is a little early. We like that. We might be done this year,” Pochant said with a smile.

In fact, he says he could finish before October is over.

“Another week or so, we should have it wrapped up if things go well,” he said. “To get in the field in October and get done is a blessing.”

A blessing that for Pochant, signals the end of another growing season on his Coleharbor farm.

According to the USDA’s weekly crop progress report, corn harvest is 11% complete in North Dakota. That is ahead of the average of 5% for this time.

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