The sky’s the limit for Hettinger artist as he paints superhero mural

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 4:45 PM CDT
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HETTINGER, N.D. - Andy Roehl has a lot on his plate.

Monday through Friday, he drives school bus and runs a graphic design business and print shop in Hettinger

Roehl works weekends at the Adams County sheriff’s department.

Plus, he’s a new dad.

But this guy apparently doesn’t need to sleep, because he’s now spending his evenings bringing some well-known superheroes to life.

When Andy Roehl gets an idea, he gets right to work.

“Here we are,” laughED Roehl, picking up a paintbrush.

His latest big idea, came to him on his birthday, at 1 in the morning.

“It’s like a birthday present to myself. I figured, it’s a big blank white walk open canvas. The sky is the limit so I might as well start here,” said Roehl.

Now, every night, he’s here, painting this superhero mural on the side of his building in Hettinger.

“I’m a total nerd,” he said.

Roehl is bringing his childhood heroes to life here, larger than life, actually.

“I live in an agricultural and sports oriented community. I respect it 150%, but I don’t do sports, and I know nothing about farming,” Roehl said.

But he does know superheroes.

“I like Batman,” Roehl said.

So far, he’s painted Batman, Joker, the Bat Mobile, and he’s working on the Gotham City skyline. He’s got super plans for the rest of this wall.

"Right next to Batman, I think it’s only natural to have Robocop, James Bond, the Ghostbusters car and maybe Nicolas Cage. I don’t know why, but I just really want to put him on there somewhere.

And, around the corner, there’s a superhero of a different kind: Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence. All part of Roehl’s tribute to superheroes.

You can see Roehl’s mural in Hettinger, on the corner of 6th Street, right next to the RZ Motors parking lot.

When asked who his favorite superhero is, Roehl picked Mrs. Doubtfire. He says it’s the story of a great father who uses an alter-ego to be a great dad. Roehl says all dads are superheroes.

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